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We’re always on the lookout for crazy things to do with balloons at Balloon Works. We love it when we hear about novel uses for balloons, it really make us smile.

Every now and again we discover something new and imaginative to do with balloons, and this blog shares some of our best kept secrets.

If you have spare balloons try making…

Glow balloons

Buy cheap, battery operated led lights from sites like eBay.  Switch them on, pop them inside balloons and inflate the latex. The balloons are transformed into colourful balls of light.

Use helium gas and turn a ceiling into a beautiful myriad of colours, balloons look beautiful when they emit a soft glow

Chiller balloons for barbecues

Buy a bunch of water balloons. Fill ‘em and freeze ‘em. Once they are frozen place the balloons inside a large glass bowl, it’s a colourful way to chill wine, beer and spirit bottles. Turn the balloons into a makeshift chiller, place them on tables and they make great focal features for barbecues or any type of outdoor event.

Paint bombs

Instead of making water bombs try making paint bombs instead. Fill water balloons with washable kids’ paint. Have a balloon fight (outside) and see who gets blitzed the most. It’s just like paintballing but cheaper and easier to arrange, fill balloons with paint and declare war, just make sure you are wearing old clothes!

Water balloon ‘Russian Roulette’

Hang balloons filled with water from a secure line overhead. Make sure they are nice and full. Blindfold players, hand them a stick to hit the balloons piñata style and see who gets the wettest as part of the game.

If a player manages to escape a soaking they win a price, if their balloon ‘bursts’ they’ll get soaked.

Make a balloon family

Turn balloons into colourful characters. Blow them up, stick feet on them, add eyes, cardboard ears and fake noses, you could use wool for hair and other facial features.

See who can make the best balloon character and award prizes for innovation.

There are plenty of uses for latex balloons. You just need a little imagination!