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Balloons are a cheap, fun and versatile form of decoration.  They’ve almost become a prerequisite for any kind of party or celebration, I mean come on, what’s a party without balloons?

With a little bit of creative thought you can do so much more to decorate with balloons than simply blow them up and throw them on the floor.

Here are our five favourite ideas for decorating your party using balloons.

Spell out words or numbers

Spell out the name of the person whose party it is in balloons across the wall, or if it’s a birthday milestone why not spell out their age in balloons instead?

Make balloon animals

This idea is great for kids’ parties! We don’t mean tying long balloons in knots (although you could do this too!)  Take a normal balloon, some coloured paper, pens and glue, and get crafty with your kids.  Make ears and draw animal faces onto the balloons for creative party decorations.  You could even do this activity with the kids during the party and then let them take their decorated balloon home at the end.

Balloon table centrepieces

Whether you’re having a sit down meal at your party, or simply throwing some buffet food across a table, why not decorate the table using a balloon centrepiece.  At Balloon Works we’re a pretty creative bunch and we can create centrepieces with a theme of your choice, just let us know what you’re vision is!

Balloon archway

A balloon archway is an impressive and eye-catching way of welcoming guests to your party and looks good at any occasion!  We can provide you with balloon archways in your choice of style, colour and size.

Helium balloons on the ceiling with streamers

If you’re planning on decorating using helium balloons at your party why not replace the stream on the helium balloons with rainbow coloured streamers for extra wow-factor.

For help creating any of the ideas in this blog get in touch with us at Balloon Works by calling us on: 020 8948 8157 and we’ll be happy to help you.