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People underestimate the appeal of balloons. In our experience at The Balloon Works, customers are quite often unaware of the real potential of latex or foil balloons, they sometimes lack the creativity needed to utilise the full capabilities of our products.

So this blog is all about the subject. We explore balloon decoration creativity and explore some of the imaginative ways you can bring your party to life or use balloons in creative ways.

That’s such a creative idea

Think beyond the basic conventions of balloons and there’s a world of opportunity waiting. All you require is a key that unlocks your creative streak. Everyone has one they just don’t know about it yet!

Picture the scene. You have an empty room and want to decorate it for a party or some other type of event. Balloons are a good option to use. String a few together and create eye-catching displays in a matter of minutes, all it takes is a little planning and a touch of ingenuity.


We recently supplied balloons for Richmond’s Theatre 115th birthday party where our products were used for the red carpet welcoming. Placed subtly either side of the main doors our helium filled products had instant appeal, the large foil ‘115’ created a whirr of excitement as well.

Different coloured balloons are good to use at entranceways, you might want to coordinate them with your corporate colours.  Have a logo printed on the front of the latex or this could be replaced by a personal message.

Create a spiral swirl of colour

Balloon archways are another ingenious use for inflated balloons. Spiral archways are popular for a host of events including:

  • Weddings
  • Galas
  • Corporate functions
  • Private parties
  • Brand launches
  • Charity fundraisers

Create colourful, alluring archways that match the style and the theme of your function, this is one of our latest examples.


How patriot does this look? This red, white and blue collection of United Kingdom balloons provides this foyer with the wow factor.  See how the archway has been carefully positioned over the main entrance barriers, turning a bland area into a setting that’s full of appeal.

Other colours could be used to make a spiral archway a little more personal to your chosen event. Over the years we have delivered a full range of colours to countless clients, archways can be personalised exactly as you like.

Transform table centres

Take one table. Add a balloon feature in the middle and what does this do? It gives the table new meaning.  Balloon table centres are one of our most popular ranges. It’s another creative use for balloons that you might not think about normally.

This is a function we attended not so long ago where balloon table centres were used to good effect.


As you can see, the ivory balloons compliment the other table decorations, whilst the silver adds a sense of sophistication.

Not only are they stunning, they’re cost effective too which helps you keep a tight grip on budget planning. Add a tasteful centre piece and this is quite often all the room requires to enhance the interior decor.

Get your message across

Advertising is another clever use for balloons. It’s not a difficult concept to understand either. Balloons are naturally attractive, print them with your logo or business branding and you can pretty much float them where you like and market your business.

2Decorate your choice of venue with a selection of balloons and you cover the room with a powerful message. We have supplied latex and foil printed balloons for a wealth of clients over the years and quite a few blue-chip customers have used our services in the past.

Sky requested aluminium foil balloons for a promotional Box Office event. You could add any text or logo you preferred and benefit from top quality print. Give your balloons the personal touch and customise them exactly as you like.

Imagination is the key to balloon decoration creativity. Get in touch with The Balloon Works for original ideas and contact us for balloon trees, archways or special balloon shapes that make all the difference to your event.