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Helium Hire is one of our areas of expertise at The Balloonworks. It’s a great option if you are hosting a party or running a promotional event, simply hire a returnable helium cylinder in three size options to fill 150, 300 or 500 balloons.

Want to know more about the Helium we provide?  Here are some weird and wonderful facts.

Helium specifics:

It’s monatomic

Is it bad to admit we had to look this word up? Monatomic is a blend of two words – mono and atomic – and it refers to a single or pure atom, with particular reference to gases. Helium is a monatomic gas.

It’s extracted from natural gas

Helium is found underground along with natural gas. When the gases are cooled the natural element turns to liquid, whereas Helium remains in gas form where it can be harvested and used to fill party balloons.

 It’s colourless

As well as lacking any colour, Helium is also odourless, tasteless and doesn’t contain any toxins. This is an inert gas.

It’s very light

Helium is second only to Hydrogen in terms of lightness. This is why it’s perfect for balloons, whether they are latex party options or printed foil marketing materials.

It has the lowest melting point

Helium doesn’t turn to liquid until it reaches -270oC. This is the lowest melting point of all the elements; the only way you’ll alter the gas is under very extreme conditions.

It can alter your voice

Ever listened to somebody that’s just inhaled Helium? Their voice is high-pitched, humorous, and will have you in fits of giggles. We never advise inhaling Helium though. Sure it’s non-toxic, but it can lead to asphyxiation caused by oxygen deprivation. Avoid breathing it in and use it for filling up balloons instead!

Need advice about hiring Helium or want to book a balloon delivery in London? Contact us at The Balloonworks for a fast and efficient service.