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The Balloon Works are a family run business, we’re the leading balloon delivery company in London and we’re passionate about anything related to our products.

So much so we’ve thought of a few imaginative games you can play with balloons, get puffing and you could be playing any of the following suggestions in next to no time.

1. Balloon volleyball

Tie a piece of ribbon between two fixed points. Arrange two teams with equal numbers of players and get them to hit the balloon over the makeshift net. Points are scored every time the balloon hits the floor in the opposing end, you can mark out a temporary court if you want to make the game a little more competitive.

2. Balloon lucky dip

Place a plastic whistle inside a balloon before you blow it up. Inflate this balloon and hide it amongst a large quantity of other inflated balloons. Get players to pick a balloon. If the balloon rattles they’ve won!

Get them to burst the balloon and blow the whistle for a prize. Then put the whistle inside another balloon, inflate, and start the game again.

3. Balloon ‘tail on the donkey’

Care should be taken when playing this game, take suitable safety precautions tough and it’s tons of fun.

Draw a picture of a donkey on a large board, inflate a balloon and attach this to the tail. Blindfold the player, give them a hat pin and guide them gently to the board. Ask them to stick the pin where they think the tail is. If there’s a loud ‘bang’ they win a gift.

4. Balloon ‘shave’

This is great for a number of players. Fill a few helium balloons. Attach ribbons. Then add weights to the tails. Draw a smiley face on the front of the balloon and cover the beard area with shaving foam.

Hand out plastic knives to players. The aim of the game is to give the balloon a close shave without popping the latex. The winner is the player with the least amount of foam on their balloon. If they burst the balloons they’re out straight away!

What are your favourite balloon games?