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Kids’ birthday parties can be great fun to plan and prepare for.  Whether you’re having your party at home or hiring out a venue it’s important to get the decorations just right to make it a memorable day.

Here are a few ideas for decorations at kids’ parties.


Balloons are always a hit at kids’ parties, particularly with younger children.  They often enjoy playing with the balloons as much as they enjoy the party games!  For cheap entertainment and décor in one why not cover the floor of a room in balloons, or hang helium balloons from the ceiling.


Bunting is a popular form of party decoration for both kids and adults.  String multi-coloured bunting across the walls or above the table where you’re serving food/cake.  If your kids are having a themed party then you’ll find that you can buy themed bunting for most of the popular kids’ party themes.  If you’re feeling creative you could even make some yourself!

Happy Birthday banner

Sticking up a ‘Happy Birthday’ banner the night before your child’s birthday is a great way of surprising them when they wake up in the morning and making their day that little bit more special.  Happy birthday banners can be bought online, in stores, or made and personalised at home!


Hang multi-coloured streamers above the doorways in your home and down the walls to add some colour and fun at a kids’ party.  If you’re using helium balloons then why not tie lots of colourful streamers to the helium balloons and hang them from the ceiling throughout the room.

Fairy lights

Fairy lights work best if you’re having your party late afternoon or early evening.  String outdoor fairy lights round the backdoor if the kids will be playing outside, or round the doorway to the room where the party is being held inside.