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Get the balance right and it’s easy to add the personal touch to your event using balloons as decorative features. We have a wealth of experience in this area at The Balloon Works. Over the years we have seen countless venues transformed by the addition of a few balloons.

Don’t feel daunted by this process. It’s fun, easy to design a winning format and simple to organise a balloon delivery through our no-nonsense ordering process.

Make your event you own by trying these techniques, they’re a winning formula and very simple to implement.

Pick the right options for your party

Consider the type of event you are hosting and the style of balloon features that might work best inside or outside your venue. There are plenty of options to choose from, some of the most popular solutions we provide are:

  • Table centres
  • Balloon trees
  • Spiral archways
  • Balloon drops

Table centres are good solutions for weddings and birthday parties. Balloon trees suit a range of occasions. Spiral archways create a warm welcome whatever type of event you are planning and balloon drops are fun features to use at the end of an evening celebration.

Mix and match a few of these options to make your event more personal.


(Balloon drops end a party with a bang!)

Carefully coordinate the colour scheme

Once you know how many balloons you are going to require and the way you want to arrange them think about how they are going to work with your colour scheme.

You probably know the colours you want to use inside your venue so this should make it easier when it comes to choosing balloons.

Be sympathetic with your colour scheme. We stock countless colours to match virtually any theme. Whether you order a spiral archway, table centre or balloon tree, tailor the colour to your preferred scheme.


(Coordinate colours to match your theme)

Think about printing

Add personal printing to balloons and this is the ideal way to customise them to your event. Simply add your choice of print whether you are hosting a business or private function and send out a message which makes the occasion more individual to you.

Balloons might read ‘Happy Birthday’ or you could add a company logo for advertising purposes and personalise the event in this way.

By adding printing to your balloons you create colourful features and make the event more personal to you.

Printed Logo Balloons

(Printing adds the personal touch)

Use a combination of these suggestions and there’s no reason why you can’t make an event your own with balloons. We have every colour imaginable at The Balloon Works and offer a complete service to our customers. Just contact us for a one-stop service whether you require helium hire or bouquet balloon service.