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Balloons are the perfect addition for coming of age celebrations. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily require a special reason to decorate a room with lovely latex decor; birthday balloons are cheery features that add a little sparkle to countless celebrations.

Our balloon packages are popular for different types of settings. Birthday parties are just one example of a special event that could benefit from latex or printed foil options.

Take the creative approach to dressing a venue regardless of the occasion and with a little bit of imagination you can dress to impress with different types of balloon options.

Creative uses for balloons


Look at this cheeky collection of balloons.

We think they look lovely in a mixture of colours, complemented by individual spots. Filled with helium, they suspend naturally from the ceiling or could be tied down and used as table centres for a birthday party, family fun day or any type of occasions that warrants designer decoration.

Sure they’d look great for a birthday celebration. Who wouldn’t be impressed by this visual display? Think slightly out of the box though when using birthday balloons and tons of creative ideas spring to mind.

All it takes is a little thought process and you bring out the best in balloons. Yep, they’re the perfect birthday party accompaniment but what about weddings, anniversaries or retirement functions. Don’t they deserve a splash of colour as well?

thumbs_gal2b This smiley face gathering of coloured balloons sure puts a grin on your face. Imagine how they’d look at an open day, village fete or charity money raising event?  See this collection and it puts you in a good mood straight away.

Coloured balloons could be used to compliment the theme of your party – they transform the interior of the room. They’re simple to inflate, easy to tie together and create effective displays in a matter of minutes, whatever type of party you are planning.

Ideal for many uses

Great for children’s birthday parties, balloons bring added cheer to adult occasions too. Plus they’re very affordable so displays are cheaper to organise.

We think latex or printed balloons are the ideal accompaniment for

  • Birthdays
  • Weddings
  • New births
  • School parties
  • Retirement functions
  • Open days
  • Charity events
  • Galas
  • Award ceremonies

With so many colours to choose from and pastel or metallic options available ready inflated to make your event memorable, you can’t go wrong with our range of balloons.

Just look at this colour chart for proof.


It’s packed with a host of options and designed to make life easier for you. Just choose the balloon type, pick the colour you prefer and order as many as you like depending on how many you need to dress your venue.

Birthday balloons are a welcome addition to coming of age parties. Don’t be fooled into thinking this is all they are good for though. Our products at The Balloon Works looks bright and bubbly at countless occasions;  contact us for further details and bring your venue to life.