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Bursting with fun and ready to go bang at any opportunity, balloons are the perfect item to set Guinness World Records.  As well as being great to play with and having the ability to transform rooms as colourful decorations, balloons are also popular with record breakers.

To prove this point we list some of the most noticeable world records set for balloon bursting right here. It seems hard to believe but there are actually more feats recorded for bursting balloons than you can possibly imagine.

Here are seven of the best:

  1. Most Balloons Burst By a Laser in One Minute

This sounds like something straight out of a James Bond film. On 22nd September 2014 Daniel Black from the UK set this record at the Institute of Making in London. Using a self-build, variable focus laser, Daniel managed to burst a very impressive 55 balloons. Build a laser and see if you can do any better.   

  1. Most Balloons Burst By Sitting in 30 Seconds

Up down, up down, how many balloons do you think you could burst by sitting on them in a measly 30 seconds?  Achieve over 37 and you’d break the record set by Ashrita Furman in New York on 30th June 2014.

  1. Fastest Time for a Dog to Pop 100 Balloons

If you watch Britain’s Got Talent on ITV when the series airs you might remember this record. It was set by ‘Cally The Wonderdog’ during the semi-final on 25th May 2015 and this balloon-popping pooch easily burst 100 in just 41.67 seconds.

  1. Most Balloons Burst Simultaneously by Arrows

Robin Hood would have been good at this. He wasn’t around on 4th November 2010 though, but thankfully Randy Oitker from the USA was, and he managed to burst seven balloons with seven arrows on his third and last attempt at the record which took place live in front of a studio audience.

  1. Fastest Time to Burst 200 Balloons with a Nail

200 balloons and one nail, what’s the fastest time you could burst them in? Ashrita Furman managed a very respectable 33.74 seconds in New York, USA on 29th July 2014, when you think about it, that’s a lot of latex to pop in half a minute.

  1. Fastest Time to Burst 20 Balloons on a Moto Trial

This is one of the trickiest records for balloon bursting. It involved riding a motorcycle and executing a ‘stoppie’ to burst balloons spaced 15m apart. During the stoppie the bike is ridden then stopped on the front wheel with the rear wheel raised. Remarkably Michele Pradelli from Italy not only managed to do this, he popped 20 balloons in 1 minute 45 seconds to set a new world record.

  1. Fastest Time to Burst Three Balloons with the back

You need to be flexible to beat this record. It was set in 12 seconds flat by Julia Gunthel from Germany who bent double backwards to achieve the feat.  Most average people would pop a disc instead of a balloon if they tried this at home!