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Whenever you have a party, whether it’s a child’s birthday party, a Halloween party or a house party, games are a great way to bring people together. They’re brilliant for both breaking the ice between new people and providing old friends with new fun. Keep your parties fresh and interesting with the following game ideas. Read more »

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A good New Year’s party has sparkling decorations, plenty of gorgeous balloons, fireworks, champagne and possibly great food too. If it sounds like a lot of work, you’ll be happy to find out you can achieve this and more, with minimal effort. You won’t be sacrificing any fun, in fact, you may even increase it. Follow these tips for the best New Year’s Eve party you’ve ever hosted. Read more »

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Bursting with fun and ready to go bang at any opportunity, balloons are the perfect item to set Guinness World Records.  As well as being great to play with and having the ability to transform rooms as colourful decorations, balloons are also popular with record breakers.

To prove this point we list some of the most noticeable world records set for balloon bursting right here. It seems hard to believe but there are actually more feats recorded for bursting balloons than you can possibly imagine. Read more »

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Balloons are colourful, decorative and stacks of fun, use them for decoration, or play games with them and bring out that inner-child.

Young infants in particular love playing with balloons, all that air-filled latex acts like a magnet, children can’t help being attracted to the brightness and the cheeriness of a balloon.

Pay special attention when little ones are around balloons though, especially if they are under four years of age, keep them safe by following these rules. Read more »

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Balloons are a great addition to any party, filling it with fun, excitement and colour. Whether it’s new years’ eve, graduation or birthday parties, balloons have long been part of the celebration. But what do you do after the party’s over with your balloons? Ultimately, safe disposal of your balloons depends on what they’re made of.

Balloons tend to be made out of one of two materials- latex or Mylar. Latex is made from the natural rubber tapped from the Hevea tree, and makes the stretchy, rubbery balloons people are most familiar with. Latex balloons eventually break down and decompose, making them biodegradable. Read more »

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Balloons are a great addition to any party; they add decoration and are a lot of fun to have around, no matter your age. Quite often, the morning after your party, the last thing you’ll want to experience is the loud popping of balloons, amongst throwing away all the pieces of half-eaten food, old plastic cups and general mess. Read more »

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Hosting a party is fun and makes you pretty popular amongst friends. But it can backfire too. You can’t please everyone, can you?

And that’s the problem. You have friends with so many varying tastes and available dates. How can you make sure that all of them are happy? Read more »

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We blow them up, use them for decoration and for playing games, but how much do you actually know about balloons?

Sure they’re bright, cheery and colourful but there are plenty of facts about balloons you might not know.

Let us enlighten you at The Balloon Works with these lovely little-known latex truths. Read more »

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Street parties are often associated with events that are significant across the UK. The Jubilee, for example, was one event that had people out in force organising their own street parties. But they shouldn’t be exclusive to nationwide events. You can arrange your own street party for times of local significance or any other reason. They’re the best way to meet neighbours too. Read more »

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Any dog owner should know that dogs and fireworks aren’t a good combination.

Nearly all dogs are scared of the sounds and sights of firework explosions. Thankfully, there are things that you can do ahead of and during a firework display to make your four-legged friend’s life a little easier. Read more »