The Best Balloon Bursting World Records!

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Bursting with fun and ready to go bang at any opportunity, balloons are the perfect item to set Guinness World Records.  As well as being great to play with and having the ability to transform rooms as colourful decorations, balloons are also popular with record breakers. To prove this point we list some of the… Read more »

Balloon Safety For Small Children

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Balloons are colourful, decorative and stacks of fun, use them for decoration, or play games with them and bring out that inner-child. Young infants in particular love playing with balloons, all that air-filled latex acts like a magnet, children can’t help being attracted to the brightness and the cheeriness of a balloon. Pay special attention… Read more »

Everything You Need to Know About Recycling Your Balloons

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Balloons are a great addition to any party, filling it with fun, excitement and colour. Whether it’s new years’ eve, graduation or birthday parties, balloons have long been part of the celebration. But what do you do after the party’s over with your balloons? Ultimately, safe disposal of your balloons depends on what they’re made… Read more »

How to Quietly Deflate Your Old Party Balloons

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Balloons are a great addition to any party; they add decoration and are a lot of fun to have around, no matter your age. Quite often, the morning after your party, the last thing you’ll want to experience is the loud popping of balloons, amongst throwing away all the pieces of half-eaten food, old plastic… Read more »

Project Loon – making balloons networks in the sky

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You may think that all the uses for balloons have been thought of. All they’re good for are parties, sucking helium out of, and making farmyard animals. Not quite. Google have come up with a unique way to put balloons to use again

Fantastic facts about Helium

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Helium Hire is one of our areas of expertise at The Balloonworks. It’s a great option if you are hosting a party or running a promotional event, simply hire a returnable helium cylinder in three size options to fill 150, 300 or 500 balloons. Want to know more about the Helium we provide?  Here are… Read more »

How to make an event your own with balloons

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Get the balance right and it’s easy to add the personal touch to your event using balloons as decorative features. We have a wealth of experience in this area at The Balloon Works. Over the years we have seen countless venues transformed by the addition of a few balloons. Don’t feel daunted by this process…. Read more »

Balloon decoration creativity

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People underestimate the appeal of balloons. In our experience at The Balloon Works, customers are quite often unaware of the real potential of latex or foil balloons, they sometimes lack the creativity needed to utilise the full capabilities of our products.

Ideal birthday balloons for all occasions

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Balloons are the perfect addition for coming of age celebrations. Contrary to popular belief, you don’t necessarily require a special reason to decorate a room with lovely latex decor; birthday balloons are cheery features that add a little sparkle to countless celebrations.

5 Ideas for decorating your party using balloons

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Balloons are a cheap, fun and versatile form of decoration.  They’ve almost become a prerequisite for any kind of party or celebration, I mean come on, what’s a party without balloons? With a little bit of creative thought you can do so much more to decorate with balloons than simply blow them up and throw… Read more »