Fun New Year’s Eve Party Ideas

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A good New Year’s party has sparkling decorations, plenty of gorgeous balloons, fireworks, champagne and possibly great food too. If it sounds like a lot of work, you’ll be happy to find out you can achieve this and more, with minimal effort. You won’t be sacrificing any fun, in fact, you may even increase it…. Read more »

Four sure-fire ways to keep your guests happy

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Hosting a party is fun and makes you pretty popular amongst friends. But it can backfire too. You can’t please everyone, can you? And that’s the problem. You have friends with so many varying tastes and available dates. How can you make sure that all of them are happy?

Arranging a street party: what you need to know

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Street parties are often associated with events that are significant across the UK. The Jubilee, for example, was one event that had people out in force organising their own street parties. But they shouldn’t be exclusive to nationwide events. You can arrange your own street party for times of local significance or any other reason…. Read more »

5 essentials of a party planning checklist

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Get the planning right and there’s no reason why your party shouldn’t go with a bang. The secret to a successful party is paying attention to the planning, and having a checklist of items to tick off one by one will most definitely help. At The Balloonworks we’ve planned a fair few parties in the… Read more »

Four things no kid’s party should go without

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Have you been tasked with organising a kid’s party? Worried that it won’t go down well? Well don’t worry. We know how daunting it can be keeping countless little ones happy for two hours. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of things that every children’s party should have.

5 Ideas for decorating your party using balloons

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Balloons are a cheap, fun and versatile form of decoration.  They’ve almost become a prerequisite for any kind of party or celebration, I mean come on, what’s a party without balloons? With a little bit of creative thought you can do so much more to decorate with balloons than simply blow them up and throw… Read more »

How to decorate for a kids’ party

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Kids’ birthday parties can be great fun to plan and prepare for. Whether you’re having your party at home or hiring out a venue it’s important to get the decorations just right to make it a memorable day.

Safety tips for home firework displays

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Good news guys. As well as stocking balloons we also have an all year round licence for all types of fireworks so create a jaw-dropping display whenever you like and wow those party guests. Safety has to be taken into consideration when you are arranging a firework display at home though, follow the firework code… Read more »

Try this if venue space is causing you concern

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Picking a venue for a party is a pain. Before you can even think about dressing the venue with balloons and other decorative features you have to find the perfect setting, this isn’t always easy, especially when you have a number of people to cater for. Let’s look at this from an objective viewpoint. The… Read more »