We have an all year round firework license and can supply all types of fireworks from small garden display boxes up to large single ignition display ones. You can buy from our shop in Kew or we can deliver to most London postcodes.
Having a Birthday, Anniversary, Wedding or New Year’s Eve Party? why not have ONE large single ignition firework to end off the evening. ONE box ONE fuse ONE big result! – See below:


“The Big Celebration” Firework

A powerful large bore, all aerial single ignition. Totally stunning colours and all action effects ending with an excellent finale. What great value lasting a full 1-1/2 minutes.


“A Toast Of Champagne” Firework

As far as single ignitions go they don’t get much better than this.Huge variety of all aerial action with outstanding quality and performance! With a 2 minutes duration.


“Sumo” Firework

150 shot – Spectacular peformance, angled firework with multi-calibre shots lasting approximately 1min 30sec


“King Of Colour” Firework

Astonishing 70 shot triple bursting stars so in effect you get a very busy 210 bursts over 1 minute duration


“Crazy Thunder” Firework

This firework is a mix of 2 shots, extremely loud reports and screaming star bursts. These 2 effects alternate throughout the duration of the cake.


“Crazy Horses” Firework

100 shots of rapid firing mayhem! Ear piercing silver whistling comets with spider bursts.

These are just a few of our extensive range, for the full range including cakes, selection boxes, roman candles, wheels cakes and sparklers call our dedicated team today on 0208 948 8157.
– Delivery service to most London Postcodes available.

You must be over the age of 18 to buy them.

Please always follow the Fireworks Safety Code:

1. To light fireworks at arms length with the portfires provided.
2. Never to smoke while handling fireworks.
3. Not to have more than three or four people lighting fireworks.
4. Not to fire rockets or other aerial fireworks over the heads of spectators.
5. Not to allow people to bring their own fireworks (including sparklers).
6. Not to touch a dud firework for at least half an hour and then hold it away from your face.
7. Never to use petrol or paraffin to light the bonfire.
8. Not to let children gather spent fireworks after the display.
9. Not to let any unauthorised people into the firing area before or after the display.
10. Make sure the bonfire is out completely and the site left in a safe condition.