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Good news guys. As well as stocking balloons we also have an all year round licence for all types of fireworks so create a jaw-dropping display whenever you like and wow those party guests.

Safety has to be taken into consideration when you are arranging a firework display at home though, follow the firework code and you’ll be fine.

This is our 8 point guide:

1. Buy approved fireworks

Only buy fireworks from an approved supplier. Check the box the fireworks are packaged in. Do the fireworks conform to British Safety standards? If not give them a wide berth.

Insist on buying the fireworks from a reputable source. Take a look at our selection of boxes from Balloon Works for example and you’ll see plenty of safe, value for money items, designed to light up the night sky.

2. Keep fireworks in a closed tin

Always keep your fireworks in a safe setting. Old biscuit tins are good solutions.  Find a suitable container that has a secure lid, never leave fireworks in an open box.

3. Read the instructions

Always read the instructions on each firework carefully. Have one person in charge, check and double check the small print.

4. Light at arm’s length

Use a taper to light fireworks. Don’t use cigarettes, lighters or matches to start your display.

5. Stand well back

Once lit, move back, well away from the fireworks. Set a boundary for spectators watching the fireworks. This will be the safe zone. Don’t let anyone else cross the line

6. Avoid smoking near fireworks

For obvious reasons! Cigarettes and fireworks are a bad mix.

7. Never aim fireworks at people 

Fireworks become dangerous weapons in the wrong hands. Set the firework upright pointing away from the crowd, think about the trajectory of the firework and where it’s likely to land.

8. And never return to a firework once lit

If the firework spits, hisses then fizzles out, don’t attempt to relight the fuse, it could blow up in your face!

Fireworks are perfectly safe in the right hands. Take care and hope your evening goes with a bang!