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Get the planning right and there’s no reason why your party shouldn’t go with a bang. The secret to a successful party is paying attention to the planning, and having a checklist of items to tick off one by one will most definitely help.

At The Balloonworks we’ve planned a fair few parties in the past and we think these items should be added to your list to ensure the event runs smoothly from start to finish.

1. Date Setting

Host a party and you want special people to attend, namely your family and closest friends. It just isn’t the same if your best buddy can’t make it or you have nearest and dearest that can’t make it due to prior engagements. Try to plan as far in advance as you can and send out invites nice and early to save disappointment.

2. Numbers

Establish how many people will be attending the party as soon as you can. This will enable you to work out a budget for the catering so there are no nasty surprises when you work out the final amount. Write down a list of people you want to invite, and bear in mind, a number are likely to drop out, or not be able to accept the invite due to prior commitments.

3. Venue picking

Once you establish the numbers for the party it’s time to choose the venue. This could be your home if there’s enough space, or a private setting that caters for different types of functions. You’ll save money by having the party at your house but this also involves an extra degree of work.  Function rooms are dearer but less hassle. Just remember to ring around in plenty of time and give yourself the maximum amount of time to book a venue.

4. Catering

If you are outsourcing catering for your party don’t leave it until the last minute or you could miss out. Most professional catering firms require a certain amount of notice and if there’s one in particular you want to use, speak to them about the dates you have in mind as soon as you can. Try to cater for a variety of guest tastes at the party, and always have a vegetarian option to spare those blushes.

5. Theme  

Having a specific theme for the party can add to the fun factor. Whether your little one loves the thought of a Princess party or you want to adopt a fancy dress ‘80’s’ theme for an adult gathering, spend some time thinking about the tone of the event. Once you pick a theme you can dress the venue accordingly with printed balloons or unique balloon decorations, they always impress guests at social gatherings.

Add all of these five items to your party planning checklist and you’re well on course for a fun-filled time!