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Street parties are often associated with events that are significant across the UK. The Jubilee, for example, was one event that had people out in force organising their own street parties. But they shouldn’t be exclusive to nationwide events. You can arrange your own street party for times of local significance or any other reason. They’re the best way to meet neighbours too.

But how do you go about organizing your own street party?

Here we’re going to run through a few of the basics.

When should you hold it?

We recommend you start planning your street party 2-4 months ahead of time. The time of year is really up to you, but as it’s going to be held outside, you should obviously aim to host it during the summer months.

A weekend in the summer (when the kids are off school) is an ideal time period.

If you’ve left it all very last minute, consider holding your street party at the end of a cul-de-sac or driveway so you don’t need to arrange road closure.

Who should you plan it with?

You may be tempted to take all the glory for yourself, and organise the whole street party on your own. This isn’t a good idea. Not only because there’s a lot to do, but because it’s a party for your whole street too. You should involve everyone who wants to be involved, listen to suggestions, and accept help.

Remember: you can’t please everyone, and there might be some people who don’t want to get involved. Respect their decision.

Road closure

To close a road off you’re going to need to apply 3 to 12 weeks in advance for a temporary road closure. Local councils vary in the arrangements and details they require, so your best bet will be to call your council and discuss everything that you need to do with them.

If it’s too late to close off the road, there is another alternative. A street meet is a great alternative. You can use whatever space is available without having to close the road.

For a complete guide on everything you need to do, visit these two pages:

If you’re looking for balloons or fireworks for your street party event, we can help. To learn more, contact us here.