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Hosting a party is fun and makes you pretty popular amongst friends. But it can backfire too. You can’t please everyone, can you?

And that’s the problem. You have friends with so many varying tastes and available dates. How can you make sure that all of them are happy?

Here we’re going to give you a few sure-fire ways to keep every, single, one of your party guests happy.

Choose the right date!

In most instances you’ll be hosting a party round an event like Halloween or Easter. If this is the case make sure that you send your invites out way ahead of time to help ensure that all of your planned guests can keep their calendars free.

If it’s relatively impromptu, think carefully about the date you choose. Does it clash with a local football match? Has anyone else arranged plans for that date? Is there something going on in the city?

Choose the right date and you’ve got the party off on the right foot.

Invite the right mix

Don’t be afraid to invite people a little outside of your friendship group. Or, tell your friends to invite their friends. This helps guarantee that people always have someone to come with and won’t turn up on their own with no one to talk to.

Make sure there’s seating

Sure, you want everyone up dancing and chatting, but the reality is that some people like to sit at parties, even if it’s just a break from all the limbos. Don’t put one chair in each room either. One chair means one person can sit down. Which also means that they’ll have no one to talk to.

Plan well

The party is no doubt going to be on until the early hours and trust us when we say: it will have its quieter moments. It’s in those downturns that you should have something prepared to give a whole new lease of life to the evening. It could be anything from a quiz to a firework display – just make sure you have something.