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Have you been tasked with organising a kid’s party? Worried that it won’t go down well?

Well don’t worry. We know how daunting it can be keeping countless little ones happy for two hours. That’s why we’ve put together a quick list of things that every children’s party should have.

Lots of games

The best way to kick the party off is to get the kids involved in a few games. The possibilities are endless; you could even come up with something of your own invention. But if you’re a little stuck for ideas, don’t fear. There are always the tried and tested classics to fall back on. An egg and spoon race; a treasure hunt; a sack race – or all three!

If you’re hosting the party outside, consider buying some huge board games and other activities for the kids to get involved with if they aren’t too animated at the thought of the egg and spoon race.

Prizes for the winners and runners up will help keep the kids interested too!


If you want to keep the little tykes happy then food (and lots of it) is the way to go. Stock up on plenty of party foods and don’t forget the sugary treats. We’re talking everything from party sausages to biscuits here. #

Hungry kids are grumpy kids!

Just make sure that you give them time to rest before and after eating. You don’t want them trying to participate in a sack race straight after they’ve stuffed their mouths with chocolate cake. That’s a recipe for disaster!


Kids have wild imaginations, so let them explore their arty sides with craft stalls. Perhaps have them paint garden pots or leave big sheets of paper out for them to paint upon. Just make sure that you stock up on cleaning equipment too. Crafts can get messy!


You didn’t think we’d write a blog about stuff for kid’s parties without mentioning balloons did you?

No party would be complete without them. So get in touch with us and we can create some themed party balloons for the big party!