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England did rubbish at the World Cup again. Cheer up though. We still have some brilliant matches to look forward to. Don’t let the fever of the competition dampen down, watch the remaining matches, throw a World Cup party and adopt a different nation for the night.

Our party tips are:

Pick a setting

Work out where you are going to host the party. This could be at your home, a mate’s house, the local pub or your local social club.

Pick a venue that has access to a large screen television, the match is going be centre of attention, choose carefully and make sure everyone has a brilliant view.

Decorate the room

Decide how you are going to decorate the setting. Think about the colours of the teams that are playing. Are you going to adopt one of the nations for the night or will you remain impartial?

Adopt a nation for the match and dress the venue in their home strip colours, use banners, bunting and balloons to create a festive footie atmosphere.

Provide themed food and drink

Supporting Germany, fancy the French or think Brazil might win as the host nation?

Sustain the theme of your World Cup party by providing local delicacies from the country you are supporting. Bratwurst from Bavaria, moules et frites (mussels and fries) from Belgium or Feijoada (meat and black bean stew) from Brazil are just some of the suggestions you could use.

And make sure you include a few tipples. Beer from Bavaria, Tequila from Mexico or fizz from France will wash down well as the goals bang in one after another.

Dress up and enjoy!

Get into the true spirit of the game. Adopt the national dress code of the country you are supporting for the World Cup match.

Yes, you could just wear a football shirt in your chosen team’s colours but why not take the creative approach?

Wear traditional dress, like a beret from France, clogs from Holland or a sexy samba outfit from Brazil!


Whatever type of party you throw during the World Cup, have fun and try to remember… it’s only football!