Balloon Artists That Push What You Think Is Possible

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Anyone can make an eel or a snake with a balloon, but we want to shine a light on some of our favourite balloon artists and twisters around. While you can’t go wrong with a classic rubber dog, these people really push what you thought was possible with balloons.

Whether it’s a full-size pirate ship, your favourite Transformer or just a ridiculously accurate Barack Obama – these people will really blow you away (pun intended).

Masayoshi Matsumoto


A balloon babboon by Masayoshi Matsumoto


Everyone loves balloons and everyone loves animals, so it’s no surprise that everyone loves Masayoshi Matsumoto. His animals are made up of much more than just one or two balloons, and the crazy amount of balloons he employs means he can get incredible detail out of his creatures. Michelangelo didn’t use just one colour to paint his art, and balloon artists like Matsumoto don’t just use one balloon to create theirs.

His use of colour and smaller balloons to create different looking textures often need to be seen to be believed, and his Facebook page is a perfect excuse to do that.


Jeremy Telford


Jeremy Telford with his record breaking balloon dog


He’s been making art with balloons for years, but Jeremy Telford made some serious waves in the balloon world in 2015. Using 8,886 balloons in total, he broke – although ‘smashed’ might be more appropriate – the Guinness World Record for the largest balloon structure ever made.

Measuring in at a staggering 65ft by 32ft, his giant pink dog cemented his place among the world’s best with balloons. It’s a position you won’t find anyone here disputing.

If you like your balloon art with some humour, then make sure to check out Telford’s Twitter page for more on what he’s getting up to.


Stone Chang


A balloon Transformer by Stone Chang


Known for his massive balloon structures, Stone Chang has been captivating the balloon scene for years. A common sight for anyone that goes to conventions, Chang is one of the few to turn their love of balloons into a genuine business and not just a profession; with shops in both China and Taiwan.

We think Chang brings a certain touch of flair to his balloon art, and if you want even more of that flair, be sure to follow him on his Facebook page.


Adam Lee


Balloon Barack Obama by Adam Lee


The self-titled “Balloon Genius”, Adam Lee has the talent to back up such a big claim. With customers like Matt Groening and Larry King that wouldn’t look out of place on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, his wacky caricatures are about as lifelike as balloons can get.

If you want to keep up to date with what Adam Lee is doing stateside, then you can go to his Twitter feed – and maybe convince him to tweet a little more!


Lily Tan


Lily Tan with a balloon dinosaur


Last, but by no means least, is the Singapore-based Lily Tan! She started balloon twisting, like many, for children at birthday parties. Unlike many, it was on the side of her ad agency job! She obviously noticed her natural talent for it, and soon quit her profession to take up balloon sculpting full time.

With 15 records to her name, she also features annually at the Marina Square Shopping Mall where she builds mammoth balloon decorations every year; and when we say mammoth, we mean mammoth.


You won’t want to miss what she puts together this year, so remember to check out her Facebook page – or she might set the dinosaur on to you!


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