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We blow them up, use them for decoration and for playing games, but how much do you actually know about balloons?

Sure they’re bright, cheery and colourful but there are plenty of facts about balloons you might not know.

Let us enlighten you at The Balloon Works with these lovely little-known latex truths.

Balloons have a long history

Think balloons are a modern invention? They’re anything but! The very first examples were created back in the late 18th century by two papermakers called Joseph and Jacques Montgolfier. They made a startling discovery after filling paper bags with hot air – the bags rose upwards and the very first balloon was born!

Balloons have a sonic boom

Pop a balloon and it makes a huge bang. If you’re not prepared for this sound it can often startle you. Know why it makes such a loud noise? The burst balloon breaks the sound barrier! We kid you not… Stick a pin into a balloon filled with air and the resulting ‘bang’ from the energy creates a sonic boom.

They float because they’re so light

Ever wondered why helium balloons float so well? There’s a simple explanation for this. Helium is way lighter than oxygen and nitrogen, the two elements commonly found in air. Therefore if you place a helium-filled balloon into this type of environment it’s bound to float!


You can blow up thousands in an hour

How many balloons do you think you could physically blow up in just one hour? If we said 39,522 would you believe us? That’s the figure set by a team during a launch event for the HUBO chain store in Brussels, Belgium. They huffed and puffed their way into the Guinness World Record books on 29th November 2009, it’s an amazing record and it still stands today.

Hope you like these fun facts about balloons. Should you require a delivery of helium balloons, or need feature decorations for a party at any point, don’t hesitate to contact us here at The Balloon Works.