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Birthdays, engagements, anniversaries, the Royal Family are doing something, the Eurovision Song Contest is on the telly…. there’s always a perfectly acceptable excuse for throwing a party! If you’ve found a good excuse to throw a party then follow our tips to make it the best party ever…

Get the density right

Make sure you invite the right amount of people for the available space you have and the type of party you want to throw. For example if you want to host a sophisticated, intimate cocktail party then allow around 12 ft² per guest, and if you want to throw a lively party with people dancing into the night allow around 5 to 6 ft² per guest. The key is not to over-stuff the space you have as people won’t be able to mingle too easily if it’s too crowded.

Structure your venue

If you’re throwing a party at a function room then it’ll already be structured ready for a good party. However, if you’re throwing a party in your own home then you’ll need to pay attention to structure. You may need to move some furniture around and put bulky coffee tables etc upstairs out of the way in a room that’s off limits to guests. Push your sofas and chairs back against the walls to create more floor space and maybe put the food table in the main room to avoid too many people congregating in the kitchen.

Decor and lighting

No one wants to come to a party and be blinded by the big light being on. Use lamps, candles, and strings of fairy lights to create a party mood. As the night progresses gently lower the lights and turn up the music. When it comes to decorating your party venue you can’t go wrong with balloons! If you’re celebrating a special birthday why not get the number printed onto helium balloons?

Keep the party flowing

As the party host or hostess it’s up to you to keep the party flowing well. Make sure that you introduce people continuously throughout the night to ensure that conversation is flowing. Ensure that your guests are well fed and the drinks are flowing; let them know where the ‘bar’ is and make sure their glasses are well topped up. Keep yourself moving and mingling with all of your guests, and adjust the lighting, music and furniture as and when it is called for.