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Hosting a business event is a great way to gain exposure and promote what your business has on offer. The event you organise can be anything from a product launch to a forum to discuss the industry and network – but what matters most is that it’s enjoyable for everyone involved.

And how do you do that?

By following these simple tips.

Know your audience

The most important thing to do when organising an event is to know your audience. And when we say know them, we mean know them inside out. You need to know what they like, what they’ll want to see at the event, and what’ll put them off. If it’s going to benefit your business, guests need to enjoy themselves first and foremost.

Entice them with a freebie; put on a show that’ll wow them; open up a free bar – do whatever it is that they’re interested in.

Partner up

Think about hosting the event alongside another business. We’re not talking about buddying up with your competitors here – find a business that offers services or products that compliment your own and that attract the same audience.

Both businesses will benefit from the opportunity to show off to the others customer base. It’s a great way to bring in more custom and help your existing client base out.


If it’s a business event you should be looking at every opportunity to promote yourself. So under no circumstances overlook the venues appearance. You should brand it out – have banners with your business name, balloons (we can help you with those!) with your name on – whatever it takes to ensure that your brand is seen.

Plus, if it looks good, it’ll make it so much more memorable.

Contact information

If you want to turn your event into something worthwhile (which obviously, you do) make sure that you take contact information from them. The type of contact information really depends on the type of business you are. Maybe email addresses will be the most beneficial because you want to bump up the numbers for your newsletter? Or perhaps a physical address would be best?

Contact information is crucial.

So those are our top tips for those of you hosting a business event. Oh! And last of all, make sure that you have fun too!